We are a drinks company born out of, and inspired by, our small urban vineyard on our allotment in central Bristol. We planted just 30 vines back in 2017 and while our first vintage was fermenting last year (strictly for our personal stash!) much bigger ideas were brewing. We bought a truckload of English grapes from a lovely little vineyard in sunny Essex (Sandyford Vineyard) and have produced a fine English rosé spritzer.

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For our first vintage we’ve put together an English Rosé Spritzer made from the Rondo grape. Rondo is an amazing grape for English wine. It’s very well suited to our cool climate as it’s an early ripener. It’s berries have a deep red flesh and the rosé wine we’ve produced is bursting with summer fruit notes and provides a vibrant base for our light and refreshing spritzer – summer in a can!

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We’ve decided to use cans for our spritzer because they are the most sensible option from a sustainability perspective


Our 250ml cans are a super convenient size and very quick to chill down so they’re ready for that perfect picnic.


Aluminium is infinitely recyclable in a closed loop recycling system (the best sort).  Cans are also lightweight saving on unnecessary transport emissions.


For our label we’ve utilised a compostable corn starch wrap to avoid plastics wherever possible.


To complement our wine we’ve added a gentle sparkle along with a touch of raspberry shrub from our friends at the Bristol Syrup Company and to make it extra refreshing and thoroughly quaffable we’ve blended it with crystal clear Glastonbury springwater drawn from the legendary spring beneath Glastonbury Tor. This water is literally magical, steeped in myths and heroes!

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We've partnered with the lovely Alex Lucas who has decorated our cans turning them into collectors items with the stroke of her brush. We're looking forward to collaborating with her in future as we expand our range of deliciousness for your enjoyment.

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Nania’s Vineyard is a real place!

Come visit us on our allotment in central Bristol.  We named our vineyard after co-founder Shelley Nania’s grandfather who was a Parsi from Mumbai.  Ethnically Persian and a practicing Zoroastrian, he drove a motorbike from India to England in the 60’s and never looked back.  He married a fun loving Irish girl and the UK branch of the Nania clan was born.  Shelley is carrying on his spirit in everything we do at Nania’s Vineyard.

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